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Story of Our Progress Path So Far

DCK Management Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in September 2017 but has been in business for the past 30 years. We started our journey three decades back as B.V.N Goel Impex, under the absolute direction and guidance of Mr. Ravinder Goel, a seasoned professional with over 39 years of experience in the field. Over the years, our team has grown and evolved, and we are proud to introduce our new directors, Ms. Bela Goel and Ms. Pooja Upadhyay, who bring fresh perspectives and expertise to our organization.

At DCK Management Services Pvt. Ltd., we are pledged to deliver exceptional services and promote women's empowerment in the workplace. Bela Goel and Pooja Upadhyay's appointment as directors is evidence of our dedication to gender equality and diversity. We believe that empowering women in leadership roles not only strengthens our organization but also contributes to the broader goal of empowering women in society.


We have successfully collaborated with several Government offices with our ample experience stretch of more than 39 years, including the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Reserve Bank of India, Custom & Excise Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, and more. Since 1984, we have proudly delivered our services to the trade and industry and look forward to continuing this tradition with our new leadership.

In order to sustain our industry-leading position, we are committed to catering to the determined requirements within the domain of services such as Export and import licensing, Trade licensing consultancy, Trade duty drawbacks, export incentives, IMPORTER – EXPORTER CODE NUMBER (IEC), Merchandise export incentive scheme, export promotion on capital goods, license registration of any port in India, all councils registration, duty drawback refund, negative/restricted list of import licenses, and the fixation of Ad Hoc Input Output Licenses. Our wholehearted reservoir of knowledge and experience empowers us to not only advance your financial returns but also safeguard the integrity of your international interests and aspirations, thereby promoting profitability.

Client Satisfaction

DCK Management Services Pvt. Ltd. has garnered unprecedented client satisfaction in the domain of export obligation services. With an unwavering dedication to delivering incomparable value and precision, our clients have consistently expressed their delight in the exceptional service experience we provide. DCK Management Services' dedication to exceeding client assumptions has consolidated our reputation as a trusted partner in export obligation management, resulting in a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty.

We are actively engaged in meticulous documentation processes concerning the registration and licensing of a diverse range of industries, spanning both small-scale and large-scale sectors. Every aspect appropriate to the respective industry is meticulously recorded and subjected to rigorous analysis to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the prepared documents. These documents are rigorously evaluated for legal observation in alignment with several justifiable acts and regulatory protocols. This attentiveness to documentation is essential, accelerating timely service provision and circumventing protracted administrative procedures. Safeguarding these records in secure storage secures their readiness in the event of potential future disputes.