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Icegate Registration Online

Overview of Icegate Registration Online - What is ICEGATE?

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) runs a public site by the name of Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE). Through this website platform, the customs office offers e-commerce services to importers, exporters, freight carriers, and other business partners. This facilitates customs agreements and encourages EXIM trade.

In addition to the website's services, ICEGATE provides details on import compliances and exporter standards. It provides a single portal through which paperwork related to business transactions can be submitted online and taxes and customs fees can be paid.

Due to ICEGATE's internal links with numerous partner organisations, such as the RBI, banks, DGFT, Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics(DGCIS), the Ministry of Steel, and the DGCIS, more effective customs clearance has been made possible.

Involved in EXIM trading are the Directorate of Valuation and other cooperating governmental organisations. The Indian Customs EDI System (ICES), which is operating at more than 250 Customs ports, processes all electronic documents and messages handled by the ICEGATE at the Customs level.

The technology is intended to streamline and speed up the customs permission process for Indian importers and exporters. By providing a safe and efficient location for electronic versions of bills of entry, cargo bills, and other customs-related documentation, it makes it simple to track products in real-time. Indian importers and exporters must use ICEGATE to electronically submit their customs papers.

What are the services offered by ICEGATE?

Documents can be electronically filed with the Customs department by importers, exporters, freight companies, and other business partners. The Customs division can assist exporters and importers in obtaining shipping bills, bills of entry, and other documentation needed for the import and export operations through the ICEGATE website. The following are a few of the crucial services offered:

  • Electronic filing of the Bill of Entry (Import goods declaration)
  • IE code status
  • Shipping Bills (Export goods declaration)
  • e-Payment of Customs Import Duty
  • A free-of-cost web-based Common Signer utility for signing all the Customs Documents
  • Facility to file online supporting documents through e Sanchit
  • End-to-end electronic IGST Refund etc.
  • 24X7 helpdesk facility
  • Document Tracking status at Customs EDI
  • Online verification of DEPB/DES/EPCG licenses
  • PAN-based CHA data
  • IGST Refund & DBK Status.
  • Filing of RoDTEP & RoSCTL

Advantages of ICEGATE Registration

You can electronically file import and export confirmations through the ICEGATE Portal. After analysing shipping bills and bills of entry, Customs can respond to exporters and importers using the Portal.

Following the deployment of ICEGATE, the Customs Department has increased its accountability. Additionally, it assisted the government in lowering complaints about cargo delivery delays from importers and exporters.

Some of ICEGATE's key benefits include the following: -

  • Users of the service can online submit export and import declarations.
  • Customs can respond to importers and exporters following an examination of the Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills.
  • Importers and exporters can use this to track and keep an eye on the progress of their online documents.

Documents required for ICEGATE registration:

  • Updated IEC copy with Authorized signatory’s sign and stamp
  • A class 3 digital signature is required ( DSC)
  • Self-signed copy of Aadhaar card
  • Or,
  • Self-signed copy of Voter ID card
  • Or,
  • Self-signed copy of Pan card
  • The applicant and other authorised partners or directors must sign an authority letter endorsing the applicant. (This applies to limited liability partnerships [LLP], private limited companies, and partnership firms.)

You will also need to submit a few other documents, depending on the type of registration you are submitting for (such as customs broker, IEC holder, shipping agent, etc.).

Am I qualified for this programme? Yes, once the government ends the MEIS Scheme. Then exporters who qualify can submit an application under the new RoDTEP Scheme.

Types of ICEGATE Registrations -

The two sorts of registration modules are the new version and the old version.

Users can create a shipping bill, a bill of entry, and apply for an AD code and IFSC registration in the streamlined registration module. However, they are unable to submit an application for an incentive programme like RoDTEP or RoSCTL. In order to register at ICEGATE, one can use the streamlined Registration Module without having to upload a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), verify a PAN, upload documents to ICEGATE, or go through the approval process.

Use of Class 3 DSC for Icegate Registration is required for the New Version of Registration. Additionally, customers can apply for a variety of services such as the creation of shipping bills, bill of supplies, incentive programme applications, and online bill of entry payment.

In light of the fact that the Simplified version is no longer accessible, we shall outline the new Icegate registration process's step-by-step procedure using screenshots. Additionally, describe how to switch from the previous, easy registration to the new, icegate registration.

Guide to the ICEGATE Registration Process

Importers and exporters must use ICEGATE to conduct electronic customs-related documentation. With the introduction of the ICEGATE site, the Customs division has simplified and streamlined registration.

Step 1 - Visit Home page of Icegate Portal

Visit the Icegate portal at https://www.icegate.gov.in/ and click on the “Login/sign Up” link.

Step 2 - Click on the Old Website Option

Click on the “Old Website” given on the homepage to proceed with icegate registration.

Step 3 - Click on User Login/Signup Option

After clicking on the old website, Click on the “User login/Signup” option on the Homepage of ICEGATE.

Step 4 - Click on the Sign Up Now option

To register on ICEGATE the applicant will have to click on the option of “Sign up now”

Step 5 - Select your ICEGATE ID / Availability of credentials

The applicant must supply both their ICEGATE ID and email address. The applicant will select the id. The website will not accept the ICEGATE id if it is not unique.

Step 6 - Enter IEC Number and click on Verify option

After clicking on check availability the next screen will appear to fill up the details as in the image below. Provide essential details and fill out the registration form.

Step 7 - Select Custom Location and click on confirm button

Once all details are filled up in the form, click on Verify to check all IEC details which are mapped to IEC number as shown below:

You have to select the location of the customs ports from the list. You may choose as many ports as you wish to add to your profile.

Step 8 - Fill up the details and attach the DSC.

The page will move on to the next step to fill in all the information, including name, cellphone number, Aadhar number, and documents, once the "confirm" tab has been clicked. The same mobile number and email address must be used for DGFT registration. DSC must be connected for this stage in order to upload the documents.

Step 9 – Generation of OTP for authentication

The applicant will receive the OTP on the registered email id for authentication.

Step 10 - Enter a valid OTP to complete the registration

Informing the applicant that "your information has been successfully received" and "you will be notified by email as soon as your registration is approved by the competent authority," the registration confirmation will be sent to the applicant's registered email address.

Please wait for ICEGATE's confirmation, which typically takes two to three working days, to receive your final confirmation of Icegate Registration approval.

After your request has been approved, a user ID and password for accessing your profile will be provided to your registered email address.

Step 11 - Check Status of Registration

Users can check the status of their submitted documents by logging into the ICEGATE website with their registered ID. To check the status of your registration follow the steps below:

i. Click on “ICEGATE Registration Verification”

ii. Enter “PAN No. & Image Letters” and click on submit to check the status of your ICEGATE registration.

iii. If your registration is active then it will show the below link with details of “ICEGATE ID” & “Registered Since”

iv. It will show the below image if the ICEGATE ID is not active with the definition of “No record found for this PAN number. User is not registered with ICEGATE”.

Step 12 - Who Are We and Why Choose Us?

We at Afleo Group are a team of DGFT & Customs Experts with strong backgrounds in Exim Consultancy & International Logistics [Freight Forwarding] with a combined experience of more than 10 years. With our extensive expertise and knowledge in this area, we can quickly and effectively assist you with all of your ICEGATE registration needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to submit documents online, one needs register. As a result, in order to complete online Shipping Bills, Bills of Entry, and other documents, an ICEGATE ID must be registered.

Anyone who holds an Import Export Code (IEC) or an F-card and has passed the customs broker exam is eligible to register on ICEGATE. Before shipping from India, exporters are required to secure customs clearance and the necessary export documentation. You can use the illustration below as reference:

The following are some benefits of registering with ICEGATE-

  1. Tracking the progress of different online-filed papers is possible with ICEGATE.
  2. The ID holder's or user's registered email address will be used to notify them of the import and export status.
  3. is sent feedback on their work, whether favourable or unfavourable, to the designated dispatch address, which includes SB and BE data analysis.
  4. The ICEGATE provides a wide range of services, including online payments, tracking the status of documents using a registered ID, determining the status of import-export codes (IEC), and applications for export incentive schemes like RoDTEP and RoSCTL.

No, only a valid Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) may be used to register for the ICEGATE.

ICEGATE has given the go-ahead for cargo and trade organisations, import and export businesses, custom brokers, and other parties to use a Class 3 digital signature Certificate (DSC).

With a single registration on the ICEGATE Portal, users can become registered for all the aforementioned transactions at all the EDI Customs Ports; to view a list of ports, tick the customs locations box on the registration page.

The user's registered mail ID is not necessary to be used in order to submit the Shipping Bill and Bill of Entry papers in order to facilitate business. However, only the registered email address will get updates and questions about his submitted applications.

Users can monitor the status of their submitted papers by entering their registered ICEGATE ID and choosing the Document Tracking System link on the ICEGATE website.

Yes. Using your previously registered ICEGATE ID, you can add more locations and transaction types. Send a request with all of your pertinent information to registration@icegate.gov.in using your registered email address, which relates to the ICEGATE id that is being updated at ICEGATE.

No, you cannot alter or change your ICEGATE ID. Each enrolled user is given a unique ICEGATE ID that cannot be changed.

Yes, adjustments are possible. To do so, write an email to registration@icegate.gov.in from your registered email address with all the necessary modification/updating information.

In order to register at ICEGATE, one can use the streamlined Registration Module without having to upload a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), verify a PAN, upload documents to ICEGATE, or go through the approval process.

Navigate to our services area and select the Simplified Registration Tab.

Select the third option to turn off the registration's streamlined profile.

Click the search button after entering the icegate id's details.

Please wait for ICEGATE's confirmation, which typically takes two to three working days, to receive your final confirmation of Icegate Registration approval.

After your request has been approved, a user ID and password for accessing your profile will be provided to your registered email address.