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Free Sale and Commerce Certificate

What is a Free Sale and Commerce Certificate? - An Overview of The Free Sale and Commerce Certificate

The status and quality of imported goods are guaranteed to the importing country by a Free Sale and Commerce Certificate. It is issued in the exporting nation by the nation's national regulatory body. It is also referred to as an export certificate or a certificate to foreign governments in India and is granted by the DGFT.

A Free Sale and Commerce certificate attests that the export commodities stated in the certificate are both authorised for export and are freely sold and consumed in their place of origin. It is given for exporting products that are not exempt from the 1940 Drugs & Cosmetics Act, are used in nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals for medical and surgical procedures, and are not otherwise forbidden.

There are two categories under which Certificate is issued –

  • Certificate for Medical Instruments and Devices Products
  • Certificate for the products not related to Medical Devices/Instruments

A Free Sale and Commerce Certificate is what you're after.

If the exporting nation requests one, obtaining a Free Sale and Commerce Certificate is a crucial step for manufacturers who want to enter markets outside of their own.

The following factors make a Free Sale and Commerce Certificate essential for producers selling their products internationally:

  • For verification of Manufacturer
  • The presence of a current production licence by the manufacturer is unmistakably demonstrated by a Free Sale and Commerce Certificate.

  • For the verification of products
  • Countries that import want to have a high standard of safety and security in place. As a result, they won't let the use of goods from a manufacturer that is unable to provide evidence that certain exporting goods are permitted to be used in their country of origin.

  • To Verify Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance
  • A free Sale Certificate is also authentication of the fact that the export goods in question comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines of International trade.

The Certificate's validity and the government charge to obtain one?

The applicant must pay Rs. 1000 as a government charge on the DGFT website to get the Certificate, which is valid for two years after it is issued.

Documents Needed to Get a Commerce and Free Sale Certificate

Before beginning the application process, the ensuing documents must be prepared.

  • A true duplicate of the RCMC and IEC copies.
  • Valid licences for production.
  • The product authorization letters for the products that have been asked for in the Free Sale Certificate.
  • List of export goods that call for a free sale certificate.
  • A letter from the relevant authority requesting certification.
  • A copy of the authorization letter or power of attorney.

A requirement for submitting an application for a Free Sale Certificate

For the Free Sale and Commerce Certificate following requirements are there before proceeding with the application –

  • An active Import-Export Code must be linked to the user's profile on the DGFT site.
  • A legitimate Digital token needs to be created in the system, and My Dashboard can confirm this.
  • The IEC must receive an RCMC.

How may a free sale certificate be requested online in India?

  • The exporter must go to the DGFT website and choose Certificate management from the list of services.
  • Click on Start a new application. A window with four tabs will appear.
  • Applicant details -
  • The application for, IEC number and name, email address, and RCMC details would all be auto-populated on this screen, which is the first one. The other necessary information must be filled out on this page.

  • Details of Items exported under the certificate -
  • The 1940 Drug and Cosmetic Act does not apply to exports of goods that require a licence from the DGFT. The exporter must enter all necessary information about the goods being exported, including the HSN and the product description.

  • Attachment Tab –
  • The scanned copy of the documents must be included in the attachment area.

  • Declaration Tab –
  • Before submitting the application, thoroughly read the terms and conditions and agree to them.

  • Summary and Submission –
  • The entire information entered on the previous screen may be seen on the summary page. To sign the application, click the sign button and attach your digital token.submit the application on the same page after signing.

Where can I find my Commerce and Free Sale Certificates that have been approved?

To get an approved certificate follow the following procedures –

  • From my dashboard, choose Submitted applications.
  • Type of Sub Scheme and Type of Scheme should be Certificate Management.
  • Click on Action after selecting Search.
  • See the approved licences.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A free sale commerce certificate is a document that the Indian ministry of commerce and industry issues that, according to national law, certifies that a good is freely available in the nation without mentioning whether the export good has been examined for safety and efficacy or granted a licence for use there.

Yes, it gets expired after 2 years from the issuance date.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India is responsible for issuing the Free Sale and Commerce Certificate.

The online application has to be done on the DGFT portal to get a Free Sale Certificate.

It is possible to export numerous export items under a single Free Sale Commerce Certificate.

Rs 1000/- shall be required to be paid online to get Certificate on DGFT portal.

The Free Sale and Commerce certificate is valid for 2 years.

The certificate's validity can only be extended for two years, and there is no time limit available for exports.

A certificate that has already been issued cannot be modified or updated; instead, the exporter must submit a new application to get an amended Certificate of Free Sale and Commerce Certificate.